Girls starting puberty as young as 7 in US

Just heard over the news today that puberty hit young girls as early as 7 years old. I was stunned. I wonder if the girls are ready for it, a mind of a child but a changing body of a young lady. I was definitely still behave like a young naive child when i was at 7. My puberty hit at 12 and the images of those memory still stay vividly in my mind. To be honest, i still remember my first date. I shared that with my husband and he chuckled and gave me a look and said ” You remember??? Why? I’m sure not many can remember the first month let alone the specific date”.

Anyway, puberty years certainly not a pretty one for me, Pimples all over my face, oily face, gained weight, hairier and body odour too. I felt so embarrassed and low confident with my pimples. I always try to look away or look down when i talk to people and i cried about it to my mom not knowing how to deal with it. I’ve tried all the products available on supermarket shelf at that time yet not helping. My mom took me to see skin specialist doctor for medication help, and guess what, more pimples pop out and the doctor said it is a normal reaction for first time users of the medicated gel and gradually the pimples will heal. For years till my 2nd year of uni, i live with pimples on my face. My mom also never stop searching for a product for me and finally she found it. I thank my mom for her determination and perseverance. I see the result within first month and i never stop using since 2001. I highly recommend Avene Extreme Gentle Cleanser (soapless and waterless cleanser) and Avene Spring Water. A must have 50ml Avene Spring Water in my handbag. Just 2 weeks ago, it has been featured in Today Tonight – ‘Miracle water’ treating skin conditions. Shop for Avene Skin Care product at AskDerm.comMiracle Water

So, young girls and boys out there going through puberty right now, good luck and all the best dealing with the changes.

If you wish to learn more about puberty, try this Kid’s Health website to find your answers.


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