New iMac User

Yes, i have converted from PC to Mac, from Microsoft to Mac OS X. Well, i first have an iPod nano (4th G) from my hubby two years ago. LOVE IT! This is the first time i ever laid my finger on Apple product. Can’t express how much easier for me to store my songs, pictures and games. For me is just to kill my time during my traveling time from home-work-home. But when you get to know  more about it, you can make it more lively. Instead of plain song album, my hubby added lot and lot of original album art, now i love to browse through the beautiful album art. And more is the song lyric, now i can sing along with my iPod. However, there is limitation to use with iTunes in PC (maybe for my case). I cant sync with my calendar on the go :(.

June, yeah! We get an iPad! No kidding, 64Gb 3G+wifi. I love it even more (although is my hubby birthday present from me). Now, i can online 24/7 with the 3G. (but choose your plan wisely) But most of the time my hubby is using for his business trip. And the most, most unforgettable things are we use iPad for our wedding reception presentation. First iPad keynote presentation in the hotels we held the reception. And this is the main reason we bought an iPad.

Now, we joined Mac family with the first 21.5-inch iMac. Well, this is not Mac addict, but my hubby accidentally drop his laptop during our wedding , at his house. The laptop is in permanent “hibernate” now. After we back to Australia, he shop around to get a replacement. Finally, he make up his mind to get an iMac. For me, big trouble after so many years of PC user. I am learning from scratch. I not even know how to install an application in iMac. Luckily, my hubby get me a very helpful hand, get me a book “Teach Yourself Visually iMac”. This is a very good instruction for Mac beginner or PC to Mac user. The content outline is clear with illustration step by step. This is the book worth to own and here i am sharing with you, beginner like i do.

And, further more, if you hate the many words instruction, this is the right book for you, is colored, visually attractive and easy to understand. The one i having now, is from Port Phillip Library, and looking to own myself this book. Cheers


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