What’s in a lunch bag?

Packing lunch bag/box to work is common and yesterday, it was something different. It was not my lunch bag i want to talk about but the one belong to my colleague. Some of you may have experience this before or you are doing it everyday to your love ones. If yes, keep it up coz it brings big smiles and feel the love flying in the air.

So, we pick a table in the kitchen and we sat down. This colleague of mine, married with 3 kids, oldest child in her teen. He always have a paper brown lunch bag packed by his wife. Not knowing what’s for lunch today, so every day it is a surprise surprise! On top of the complete lunch pack from appetizer to snacks and drink, his wife add on something extra yesterday – a love note. He happily read out loud to share his note with us and it is absolutely beautiful. I think it is romantic, small gesture like this make a difference, even a tough day turn out to be not-so-bad day and the best part is it helps to keep the spark going in the relationship no matter how long being together.

I’ve learned a good tip from his wife and every tiny little gesture, it all count to make big difference in life. 🙂


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