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There are many converters to convert video file to mp4 format that allow us to play video in Apple TV, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Nowadays, there are apps allow  different type of video format to play in the devices. Like the CineXPlayer allowed Xvid format to play. However, the main reason for most people convert mp4 is to add Album Artwork and other information to the movie. It will make your movie library more lively, when you browse through Front Row or iTunes. After i sync my movie to iPad, i can browse movie easily without the need to find see title. The cover flow is good indication and i like the way it present my movie.

The cover flow is the main reason for me to convert my video file to mp4.

You can click here to download Videora iPad Converter for FREE. Or visit the homepage for more details, Videora Home.

Setting window

There are advance settings to configure and no limitation in this Free converter. Unlike other free trial version with limitation such as duration, watermark and setting limit. Further, you can add files to queue while you converting. I add all the video files i want to convert and let the software do the job. I just laid back until all jobs done.

So far, most of the file formats are supported, even the .flv file from youtube. Give it a try is FREE.


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