iPad Jailbreak

Recently updated to 3.2.2 which disable Jailbreak. If you want to Jailbreak your iPad, this is the requirement:

  • firmware 3.2 (not 3.2.1 or 3.2.2)
  • activated device: one not stuck on the Connect to iTunes screen
  • any version of iTunes 9 (earlier than 9.2)
  • Back up file in iTunes to restore if anythings goes wrong, highly recommended.

For more information and download Sprit, visit here.

1. After completed download and installation, Plug in iPad and click “jailbreak”

2. When show “jailbreak complete”, iPad will restart.

3. You will find Cydia icon at home screen, it is jailbreak version of App Store.

Why jailbreak? There are some example of App that useful for some reason but not permit in App store. “Verboten” apps apple doesn’t permit in Apple App store can find here.

*CAUTION: dont crazy download, not all App iPad compatible. Most App are for iPhone.

1. 5 Apps that are highly recommended to risk for jailbreak.

2. “Backgrounder”, multitasking capability. Need to enable individual app desire to run in background. While the app open, press and hold down home button.

3. “MyWi” (US$19.99) share unlimited 3G data plan over others wi-fi enable device.

4. “3G Unrestrictor”, trick OS thinking you connect to wi-fi even you are on 3G. Benefit for app only work over wi-fi like Skype, getting around app restriction like download limit 20MB in iTunes and app store, lower quality YouTube streaming in 3G.

5. “FullForce’, elegant way to display distorted pixel-doubled look of iphone-only apps.  Need to enable each app in main setting.

6. “Winterboard”, customize lock screen, icon, text, system sounds and more.


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