Are you allergic to SEX?

Read an article from a magazine, like to share here. As if. But there are ways a little intimacy can cause the kind of reactions you weren’t gunning for. Whether it’s her lingering scent or a lingering itch from a latex condom, you can thwart there romantic gremlins.


Some women develop allergies to protein in their partners’ semen (although very rare), which can easily be misdiagnosed as vaginal itch. If she has other allergies, it may be worth being tested for it. Once diagnosed, you can use a condom.


If her perfume makes you wheeze you may have non-allergic rhinitis, says otolaryngologist Dr Michael Benninger, of the Cleveland Clinic in the US. “True perfume allergies are rare, but the symptoms are the same – nasal obstruction and runny nose,” he says. He suggests using an intranasal antihistamine 90 minutes before your date.


Never treat a goodnight kiss lightly – especially if you have food allergies. Particles can linger in your date’s saliva, which may mean itchy, swollen lips or even dangerous anaphylaxis, according to a study by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in the US. Offer her a piece of chewing gum after dinner, and the wait ad hour to make your move. This combo eliminates 99% of food residue.


Latex allergies can be as unpleasant for women as they are for men. Either can break out in hives, have trouble breathing or develop a rash, says Dr Anju Peters, a professor of allergy and immunology at Northwestern University in the US. If she’s allergic, use a polyurethane condom, such as Durex Avanti – they are as effective as latex, according to a recent Cochrane review.


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