Search engine optimisation – The SMARTER Way!

Do you ever feel frustrated over your search results? Didn’t get the right information that you are looking for and google the next possible keyword you can think off again and again? Sound familiar to you? Here are some good tips that i pick up from a magazine that can help you to search the smarter way.

When you want the search results to include a specific word, precede it with + sign and no space. ie. shark attack+
The * symbol helps you where you can’t remember the exact word in a phrase. ie. Imagination is more important *
The ~tilde symbol immediately followed by a word will get results using synonyms of that word
If you are searching between two dates or two price limit, place ..(no space) between the range. ie. $50..$100 bag
Sometimes you want to find an PDF file, excel spreadsheet or word document, type FILENAME filetype:pdf (or ext:pdf) ie. Coffee filetype:pdf
Sometimes you need to look for the keyword in the URL which can be the domain name or file name. This might occur if you are researching a potential word you want to register as a domain name or brand.
inurl:WORDYOULOOKINGFOR (ie. inurl:Coffee)
If you have several words in the query and want all to be in the URL,
allinurl:WORD WORD WORD (ie. allinurl:Coffee Tea Milk)
When you want to restrict the search results to a specific domain name, use the site: operator. For example “iPad”
You can also use it negatively such as to find results from all domains other than the nominated domain. For example “iPad”
The intitle: and allintitle: operator restrict results to word found in the title of a page. The two sound alike but sightly different.
Intitle:How To will bring up only discussion threads that have words ‘How To’ in the title.
If you want all the words in the title but not necessary a phrase, use allintitle: (with a space after each word) ie. alliintitle:How To Remove Stains
Sometime you want to find a page you knew existed but has been taken down. Use cache: to find the pages. For example
Want to check definition of a word? Use define: operator. For example, define:meticulous
Sometimes you are searching for a news that coincide in several locations like election, flood, earthquake, tournament, etc. Try location:Indonesia earthquake
A useful Bing operator is contains: which is useful for finding files of desired type. For example contains:mp3 will give you just the pages containing mp3 files
Bing image search let you find images in 3 sizes. imagesize:small (width & height <200pixels), imagesize:medium (200-500pixels), imagesize:large (>500pixels). For example imagesize:large Byron Beach
If you are searching game , you might search for Wii OR XBox. The pipe symbol | is an alternative for OR
You may need to find instances of two or more must occur on the same page to be useful. Sydney Harbour Bridge AND Sydney Opera House
Some results include the same word from a different context to your needs. You can use minus sign (no space after) to exclude word. For example Toshiba -laptops to find pages not related to Toshiba laptops but other Toshiba products.


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