Starcraft 2 frenzy

While i got a few minutes today to grab hold of the computer before i will be pushed away, thanks to the Starcraft 2. Den bought it last weekend at Harvey Norman, $77 cheaper $22 than normal price and he told me it is a must buy. He claimed it as a reward to pamper himself after weeks of the moving hard-work. Since last Friday, i didn’t get a chance at all to get near to the computer. Nothing motivate him to walk away other than complete the mission objective to the next level. Now he just completed Mission 7. I believe many mission more to go. I don’t really understand the game and no interest in it, but i hear this over and over “Not enough mineral” , “We’re under attack” , “The Dr comes in” , “Is anyone out there” and more. Sighh…. hard to find quiet moment at home these days, driving me crazy. But i don’t deny that the visual effect is amazing. Oopss…. Den wants to start his Mission 8 now. Ta..


Moving out… what a pain!!!

It’s been crazy 4 weeks with the whole moving out process from previous to new rental apartment. We were scaling down from 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms to 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment. Didn’t pay much attention to my blog. Sorry!

My brother is moving country and with the extra bedroom also means extra money to pay on monthly basis. We notify our agent and we started looking out for apartment to lease in the real estate websites and locked in the dates and times for inspection. I’ve listed a few and my husband, Den listed a few. First day, we had 3 inspections and all unfortunately not meeting our requirements. This process went on for almost 2 weeks and we covered 5 inspections on each Saturday. Some of the inspections were totally waste of time as the agent told us that they were already processing on the applications. First week gone and without a car makes it more difficult as we had to plan exactly where to go first and next and next. Time travelled on the tram must take into consideration as well. Planning this take quite an effort to plan, champion to my husband Den, he did most of the hardwork.

Submitted a few applications and no good news from the agents. “Sorry, your application is not successful. The landlord choose someone else. We have others open for inspection, Hope to see  your there.” We got the same message over an over and finally we got it. The agent called and told us the good news. “Yay! We can stop looking” However, this is just the beginning. The moment Den hang up the phone, we looked around the house and Gosh!!! many things to pack and need to start cleaning too. We got only 2 1/2 weeks before we need to get out of the apartment.

Packing and cleaning part by part take a lot of efforts. Luckily we got our new key early and Den started to move our stuff bits by bits everyday travelling on tram. I get pretty exhausted after travelling back and forth with heavy big and small travel bags filled with things. Den is very determine that he can do this. We rented a car in the weekends and try to move as much as we can. We were hoping the more we move our own, the less we pay the mover to move the big items. We realised that our new place half the size and also means we have limited space for all our stuffs. He carries with him a measure tape everytime he moves something and plan how to fit and position the others. We argue as we have different thoughts on how things should arrange. Somehow, he won the battle and he is right about the arrangement.

Cleaning breaks into four sections :- 1) Kitchen – Griller, oven and hot plates to be cleaned, free of food scraps. Exhaust fan, range hood to be cleaned, free of grease and dust. All cupboards to be cleaned inside out. 2) Bathroom – bath, vanity and shower recess free of soap scum and mould. Cabinet cleaned inside out. Mirrors cleaned. Walls to be washed, free of soap scum and dust 3) Lauundry – Laundry trough free of soap scum. Walls to be washed. 4) General – All windows cleaned inside out. Fly wires to be dusted. Light fittings to be dusted. Marks on walls to be removed. All floors to be mopped and skirting boards to be dusted. Carpet steam cleaned. Replaced or repaired. What a pain process!

Today, i finally hand over the key back to the agent and of course final inspection. I’ve got all the necessary documents (receipt of carpet steam clean, bond, checklist, condition report, latest electricity and water statement, stratapay card, rental agreement) in a file. I wasn’t told to make a copy for the agent for record purpose but he said he need one. I’ve learned something from this final inspection. The day i was given the condition report before moving in, they agent just said to us, “Take this and write down ANYTHING to prove that you have inspect the house”.  At the final inspection, many irrelevant questions thrown to me. I was surprised and i said back to my agent, “huh! all these were as they were when i moved in and many of the kitchen items weren’t cleaned properly. Now in fact, i’ve cleaned everything and even get the repair fixed on my own.” He only said this, “You didn’t write specifically in the condition report, it’s hard to prove”. I’m not happy and told him, i’ve got no experience renting an apartment before and i didn’t know that. Felt i was tricked by the agent and now keeping my finger cross if i can get my full refund.

So, the cost of moving out quite a sizeable one, nearly $600. Carpet steam clean, Mover, Car renting, etc. Not including the countless hours we spent on the whole process. We can’t buy back those hours. It’s been really tough managing all these at the same time juggling the working hours. Somehow we made through this and really need to catch up the sleep in the coming weekends.

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