Starcraft 2 frenzy

While i got a few minutes today to grab hold of the computer before i will be pushed away, thanks to the Starcraft 2. Den bought it last weekend at Harvey Norman, $77 cheaper $22 than normal price and he told me it is a must buy. He claimed it as a reward to pamper himself after weeks of the moving hard-work. Since last Friday, i didn’t get a chance at all to get near to the computer. Nothing motivate him to walk away other than complete the mission objective to the next level. Now he just completed Mission 7. I believe many mission more to go. I don’t really understand the game and no interest in it, but i hear this over and over “Not enough mineral” , “We’re under attack” , “The Dr comes in” , “Is anyone out there” and more. Sighh…. hard to find quiet moment at home these days, driving me crazy. But i don’t deny that the visual effect is amazing. Oopss…. Den wants to start his Mission 8 now. Ta..


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