IOS 4.2 for iPad and iPhone

Rumor will be launch tomorrow. Multitasking abilities for iPad for the first time.  Meaning user can switch between apps for instance. Looking forward the release.

Launched delay to 16th November due to iPad Wifi connectivity problem. Wifi connection lost after few minutes reported by tester.


iTune 10.1 release today. Expected ios 4.2 to release tomorrow.


Release date slip again to 24th November. OMG! Like it never want the iPad user to multitasking. What is the delayed for, Jobs?


Updating ios 4.2. Reeleased finally.


How to recover photo and video from memory cards.

Have you ever experienced this awkward situation: photos and videos from holiday or special occasion deleted before transfer to your PC. Yes, it is a disaster if that is your wedding photo or graduation photo. But, not until you find out this helpful software. (Thanks god i never have, and never will experience this)

Image Rescue 4 software which compatible with PC and Mac. It is $40 and i feel it cost nothing compare to your valuable photo and video. It recovers digital photos and videos from memory cards even if your files have been deleted. Whats more, this software also bundled free with Lexar’s Professional-series cards.

Click to visit the site.

Hackers strike Apple app gold

Source from Herald Sun, 25 Aug 2010

It might be illegal. It might brick your phone. It might mean its maker will refuse to repair it. Yet despite thee obstacles some Australian iPhone lovers are hacking their phones and looking outside Apple’s Store to get their app fix.

The rewards include a treasure trove of apps unavailable through official channels, including additions that turn your iPhone into a wireless internet hot spot, let you send free SMS messages, make video calls over the phones network, or simply add new message tones to your handset.

The process of hacking an iPhone, called jailbreaking, recently became easier with an online tool that made the process as simple as visiting a website. But Apple has since countered with software update for its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that, if installed, renders most of these tools inoperable.

Telecommunications experts say both advances are just part of an ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Apple and a dedicated hacking community that is unlikely to end.

That community serves more than 1.6 million users, according to Jay Freeman, who set up the main App store alternative, called Cydia.

In his application to legalise iPhone jailbreaking in the US, Freeman reported that more than 300,000 different devices use the Cydia app store daily, and more than 650,000 log in each week.

“What these users are coming back for are the hundreds of applications that are in Cydia, each one of then being the type Apple denies from (its) store,” he writes.

Freeman says  popular jailbreak apps and map applications, many if which use the iPhones’s camera or let users access its file system, and even apps such as WinterBoard, which let users change an iPhone’s graphics theme.

High-profile App Store rejects include Google Voice, the Opera web browser and an app created by South Park writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone, deemed “potentially offensive”.

Accessing those rejected apps could be legal, though. The case to outlaw iPhone jailbreaking failed in the US last month when regulators added it to a list of copyright exemptions, finding there was “no basis for copyright law to protecting its restrictive business model“.

The legality of iPhone Jailbreaking is not as clear in Australia, IDC telecommunications market analyst Mark Novosel says. There;s no doubt Australia are jailbreaking iPhone, he says, and “this has been happening since the launch of the very first iPhone”, but Apple has not sought to prosecute anyone for doing it.

“several factors can cause people to jailbreaking their phones – tethering (using an iPhone as a modem) has been disabled by some operators, You can turn your iphone into a wireless access point.”

But Novosel says hacking a phone can leave it open to attacks from viruses and other malware. These included the Ikee virus, a worm Called Duh and most recently , tainted PDF documents that allowed access to the phone’s software.

It was through this flaw that allowed users to jailbreak their phones by visiting a website, something that Apple has prevented with its software update.

For its part, Apple Australia warns users who jailbreak iPhones will void the gadget’s one-year warranty. The company might also deny service to an iPhone, iPad or iPod with unauthorised software.

Search engine optimisation – The SMARTER Way!

Do you ever feel frustrated over your search results? Didn’t get the right information that you are looking for and google the next possible keyword you can think off again and again? Sound familiar to you? Here are some good tips that i pick up from a magazine that can help you to search the smarter way.

When you want the search results to include a specific word, precede it with + sign and no space. ie. shark attack+
The * symbol helps you where you can’t remember the exact word in a phrase. ie. Imagination is more important *
The ~tilde symbol immediately followed by a word will get results using synonyms of that word
If you are searching between two dates or two price limit, place ..(no space) between the range. ie. $50..$100 bag
Sometimes you want to find an PDF file, excel spreadsheet or word document, type FILENAME filetype:pdf (or ext:pdf) ie. Coffee filetype:pdf
Sometimes you need to look for the keyword in the URL which can be the domain name or file name. This might occur if you are researching a potential word you want to register as a domain name or brand.
inurl:WORDYOULOOKINGFOR (ie. inurl:Coffee)
If you have several words in the query and want all to be in the URL,
allinurl:WORD WORD WORD (ie. allinurl:Coffee Tea Milk)
When you want to restrict the search results to a specific domain name, use the site: operator. For example “iPad”
You can also use it negatively such as to find results from all domains other than the nominated domain. For example “iPad”
The intitle: and allintitle: operator restrict results to word found in the title of a page. The two sound alike but sightly different.
Intitle:How To will bring up only discussion threads that have words ‘How To’ in the title.
If you want all the words in the title but not necessary a phrase, use allintitle: (with a space after each word) ie. alliintitle:How To Remove Stains
Sometime you want to find a page you knew existed but has been taken down. Use cache: to find the pages. For example
Want to check definition of a word? Use define: operator. For example, define:meticulous
Sometimes you are searching for a news that coincide in several locations like election, flood, earthquake, tournament, etc. Try location:Indonesia earthquake
A useful Bing operator is contains: which is useful for finding files of desired type. For example contains:mp3 will give you just the pages containing mp3 files
Bing image search let you find images in 3 sizes. imagesize:small (width & height <200pixels), imagesize:medium (200-500pixels), imagesize:large (>500pixels). For example imagesize:large Byron Beach
If you are searching game , you might search for Wii OR XBox. The pipe symbol | is an alternative for OR
You may need to find instances of two or more must occur on the same page to be useful. Sydney Harbour Bridge AND Sydney Opera House
Some results include the same word from a different context to your needs. You can use minus sign (no space after) to exclude word. For example Toshiba -laptops to find pages not related to Toshiba laptops but other Toshiba products.

iPad Jailbreak

Recently updated to 3.2.2 which disable Jailbreak. If you want to Jailbreak your iPad, this is the requirement:

  • firmware 3.2 (not 3.2.1 or 3.2.2)
  • activated device: one not stuck on the Connect to iTunes screen
  • any version of iTunes 9 (earlier than 9.2)
  • Back up file in iTunes to restore if anythings goes wrong, highly recommended.

For more information and download Sprit, visit here.

1. After completed download and installation, Plug in iPad and click “jailbreak”

2. When show “jailbreak complete”, iPad will restart.

3. You will find Cydia icon at home screen, it is jailbreak version of App Store.

Why jailbreak? There are some example of App that useful for some reason but not permit in App store. “Verboten” apps apple doesn’t permit in Apple App store can find here.

*CAUTION: dont crazy download, not all App iPad compatible. Most App are for iPhone.

1. 5 Apps that are highly recommended to risk for jailbreak.

2. “Backgrounder”, multitasking capability. Need to enable individual app desire to run in background. While the app open, press and hold down home button.

3. “MyWi” (US$19.99) share unlimited 3G data plan over others wi-fi enable device.

4. “3G Unrestrictor”, trick OS thinking you connect to wi-fi even you are on 3G. Benefit for app only work over wi-fi like Skype, getting around app restriction like download limit 20MB in iTunes and app store, lower quality YouTube streaming in 3G.

5. “FullForce’, elegant way to display distorted pixel-doubled look of iphone-only apps.  Need to enable each app in main setting.

6. “Winterboard”, customize lock screen, icon, text, system sounds and more.

Free DVD rental!!!

Hi, if you looking for new DVD movies for free, here it is. It is free every Wednesday… … and just $2.99 overnight rental. All you need to do is to sign up and find an Oovie kiosk near you.

Once you signed up, Oovie will sent you promo code weekly. The promo code can be use once with your registered credit card in order to identify your identity. The code will look like this:

More free stuff in FreeforLife page.

Backup DVD video

If you need to back up your DVD video to Mac or PC, HandBrake is the perfect software for you, and is FREE.

It can rip decrypting DVDs with the newest copy protections such as Alice in Wonderland, Shutter Island, The Princess and the Frog, 2012, Avatar, New Moon. The friendly user interface  and advance setting allow you to configure output of your movies.

You can insert subtitle/subtitles to rip movie and load or turn off during playing. Output quality is EXCELLENT and rip time is acceptable.

Please leave a message if you do have any questions.

Free iPad mp4 converter and more… …

There are many converters to convert video file to mp4 format that allow us to play video in Apple TV, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Nowadays, there are apps allow  different type of video format to play in the devices. Like the CineXPlayer allowed Xvid format to play. However, the main reason for most people convert mp4 is to add Album Artwork and other information to the movie. It will make your movie library more lively, when you browse through Front Row or iTunes. After i sync my movie to iPad, i can browse movie easily without the need to find see title. The cover flow is good indication and i like the way it present my movie.

The cover flow is the main reason for me to convert my video file to mp4.

You can click here to download Videora iPad Converter for FREE. Or visit the homepage for more details, Videora Home.

Setting window

There are advance settings to configure and no limitation in this Free converter. Unlike other free trial version with limitation such as duration, watermark and setting limit. Further, you can add files to queue while you converting. I add all the video files i want to convert and let the software do the job. I just laid back until all jobs done.

So far, most of the file formats are supported, even the .flv file from youtube. Give it a try is FREE.

iPad 3.2.2 update available for download

Hi all iPad user, just check out the update 3.2.2 is about 456.9MB. Downloading now.

To update, just connect your iPad to iTunes and hit the update button.

Claimed to be fix some PDF malicious code problem. Details as below:


This document describes the security content of the iOS 3.2.2 Update for iPad, which can be downloaded and installed using iTunes.

For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available. To learn more about Apple Product Security, see the Apple Product Security website.

For information about the Apple Product Security PGP Key, see “How to use the Apple Product Security PGP Key.”

Where possible, CVE IDs are used to reference the vulnerabilities for further information.

To learn about other Security Updates, see “Apple Security Updates“.

Products Affected

Product Security, iPad

iOS 3.2.2 Update for iPad

  • FreeTypeCVE-ID: CVE-2010-1797

    Available for: iOS 3.2 and 3.2.1 for iPad

    Impact: Viewing a PDF document with maliciously crafted embedded fonts may allow arbitrary code execution

    Description: A stack buffer overflow exists in FreeType’s handling of CFF opcodes. Viewing a PDF document with maliciously crafted embedded fonts may allow arbitrary code execution. This issue is addressed through improved bounds checking.

  • IOSurfaceCVE-ID: CVE-2010-2973

    Available for: iOS 3.2 and 3.2.1 for iPad

    Impact: Malicious code running as the user may gain system privileges

    Description: An integer overflow exists in the handling of IOSurface properties, which may allow malicious code running as the user to gain system privileges. This issue is addressed through improved bounds checking.

Firefox 4 Beta

You can download from here :

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